Autumn 2017

HELLO Everyone!

this is the Paris Electronic Week 20-24 september 2017conference on the colombian electronic scene:
Paris Electronic week @la gaiété lyrique ( 21/09/2017) PEW 2017 :
focus sur la scène electronique colombienne Part1
speakers ( from left to right ):
-Jairo Vargas Rhenals
-DJ Brain
-DJ Sonico ( manager club Klan 31, Bogota)
-DJ Julio Victoria
-DJ Dani Boom ( manager of the group ” Systema Solar)
-DJ Sebass
modérateur: Eamonn Forde
Techno Parade 23 /09/2017

ABGT 250 preview @the gorge amphitheatre, USA: ( 16/09/2017)

Martin Garrix masterclass

Martin Garrix – forever

Paul van Dyk’s new album ” from then on ”


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