2021…a new hope

Covid19 is everywhere.
and new variants are emerging from the original virus.
the crisis is still hitting people around the world.

BUT , we have new vaccines. and smart policies in each countries will allow us to get back to a social life as we knew it before 2020.
PLEASE, keep using good habits and social distancing as long as it is needed:
wear masks, wash your hands with soap and alcool. avoid gatherings.

So , let’s enjoy some music.

mercredi 4, 11 et 18 août 2021 , quai Saint Bernard 75005 Paris
OPEN SWING : Lindy Hop/ Rock 6T/West Coast Swing/ Blues:
suivez la musique et dansez votre style.
19h30/ 22h30,


remix Armin van Buuren:

Chiness New Year – 12 02 2021 ( Palindrome 12022021 )

may the BUFFALO bring strength , health, good news to the world


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